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Who Runs The (Social Media) World? Girls.

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Behind every great social media platform stands millions of great women. And boy do they love their smartphones!

According to research compiled by FinanceOnline, which was taken from PEW, Nielsen, and Burst Media, women use social media more often and in more ways then men do. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter all have more women on the platform than men.

Pinterest, not surprisingly, has a more female-centric user base with 33 percent of female online adults using the site, compared to 8 percent of all men. But the tables turn with LinkedIn, where 24 percent of all adult men use the site compared to 19 percent of women.

Perhaps more interesting, women are leading the charge of social media use via mobile. Forty-six percent of women use their smartphone to check in on social media activities, while 43 percent of men use their smartphone.

The same theory holds…

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